About the Last Couple of Months...

How I would Describe my Internship to an Employer

Over the last couple of months I had the pleasure of working for Karla Silvestre’s successful bid for the Board of Education At-Large. Campaigns are unlike most internships because the majority of the work you do takes place during the evenings of week days or during the weekend. Needless to say there were a lot of late nights spent keeping up with class work. I’m a strong believer that participating in internships, even during the semester, is a great way to build your resume. Thinking that working during school will cause your grades to take a hit is a valid concern, but the real world experience you gain is invaluable. On top of the connections you make demonstrating to future employers the ability to effectively manage a demanding schedule is a significant advantage over your competition.  I’ve been fortunate with the internships I’ve completed as I have never been part of a team, office, or campaign that didn’t feel like a family or wasn’t working towards a worthy objective.However, in the case of this campaign there was an even greater connection as it tied directly with the work Liza and I do here at Breaking Cycle. From closing the achievement gap to college readiness it was a privilege working for such a qualified candidate.

How it Actually went

Looking back on the last few months it’s tempting to gush over how rewarding the campaign was and gloss over the challenges of keeping my head above the water. The truth is I struggled a lot. It never felt truly overwhelming, but I’m definitely the dramatic one in my family so I often found myself talking down my inner voice who insisted watching my favorite basketball team lose by 30 was a more efficient use of my time than reading a 20 page article for class the following morning. Being brutally honest with yourself at the end of a semester or an internship is useful because it's easy to look back on an evening and think about how busy it was and how much studying you got done when if you’re anything like me, you spent half of the evening thinking about how much work you have to do and the other half actually getting the work done. Get comfortable with the challenges of keeping it together and you’ll discover living for both the high points and the low points of life isn’t just great for your career, it's great for your soul.