First-generation college student: a student whose parents/guardians haven’t received a college degree.

Did you know that only 11 percent of low-income, first-generation students who attend a four-year institution earn a degree within six years? Or that nearly 88 percent of first-generation students come from households with an annual income under $106,000? Until we started working on this blog, neither did we. 

 Breaking Cycle’s mission is to put the personal experiences of first-generation students across the country into conversation with the data and research that has been published. Our goal is to show you—whether you’re in high school, college, or beyond—that you are not alone.

Whether you are wondering how to find a summer internship, want to go to law school, or are trying to figure out how office hours work, we're here to help. Shoot us an email, comment, or send a smoke signal with whatever questions you have—if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find someone who will. There are thousands of us—let’s put our collective knowledge to good use and make sure we hold the door open for those coming up the ranks. 

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